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About Us

Quality Solaar

Managing Director

Quality Solaar is a Turn Key Integrator and Solar Consulting firm established in 2007 by Manoj Dixit, MD.

Solar panel installation

Quality Solaar has integrated solar projects and consulted Solar Start ups for over 15 years and completed solar electrical systems in Uttar Pradesh and In Entire PAN India.
Solar is a clean and safe energy source that converts sunlight into electricity for homes and businesses.


Offering Solar Power Installations Across INDIA


Solar Panel Installers Servicing ,

Quality Solaar is one of the UP region’s largest residential solar energy companies. Since 2007, our experienced solar panel installers have built hundreds of commercial and residential solar energy systems in UP areas, IN. We’re a big reason INDIA’s solar power use is on the rise. Solar panel installation. solar panel installation cost. Best solar panel company lucknow

Our company is a leader in solar and “green” efficiency products and our installation team for solar water systems, PV systems and solar accessories is growing. We’re here to meet the growing demand for reliable solar energy throughout the India.

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We Are Proud To Offer The Highest Quality Products, Made In India


Our responsibility in renewable, efficient-energy exceeds installing solar products. We ensure that all manufacturing of our products are done domestically and production is sustainable. Solar products should be made using the highest environmental and labor standards, as close to the market as possible. In turn, we help create high-paying manufacturing jobs and improve national economic health while advancing energy independence.


Making INDIA, Greener


The solar systems we’ve installed are enough to offset more than 93,500 pounds of coal from being burned and 165,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.
When it comes to energy efficiency, we practice what we preach. Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting in our warehouse and offices reduces our electrical consumption by 2,500 kilowatt-hours per month. We also ask manufacturers to ship multiple units simultaneously, reducing fuel consumption and air emissions.