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Our Services

Gives introduction about choosing Country.
Gives consultancy on courses accessible, fee structure, college, and so forth.
Picks a city and the university, as indicated by wanted field to study, interests, and way of life inclinations for study in choosing Country.
Begins transactions with official specialists (Ministry of Education and Science of choosing Country, Universities, Embassy of choosing Country in India, and so forth).
Gathers every one of the reports for admission and visa.
Gets confirmation letter from the University (time required – about seven days).
Directs all transactions in the interest of students with government and educational specialists.
Assists with the translation of documents for the embassy.
Assists with the legal approval of required documents.
Backings with preparing of required documents.
Escorts understudy for all the medical check-ups and gets quick all the required restorative endorsements.
Selects date for the interview at the embassy and trains students for successful going of the interview.
Conducts training in India in regards to lawful, social issues in choosing Country.
Gives students consultancy about budgetary issues in choosing Country, way of life, studying, and so forth.
Helps in purchasing tickets.
Meets at the air terminal before takeoff and guarantees safe and agreeable takeoff from India.
Meets you in the air terminal.
Escorts to the University (any city of choosing Country – free for students).
Assists with registration and accommodation on campus and in the University.
Reports guardians and relatives about your effective landing and settlement.
Sorts out trips around the city.
Gives students and parents all contact details to get every minute of everyday support and consultancy.
Composed required preparing and
masterclasses about concentrate in choosing Country.
Concluded arrangements with colleges and
government experts for the benefit of students.
Day in and day out hotline support for students and guardians.
Backings guardians who intend to visit their children in choosing Country (visa and travel support).
Backings students with legitimate issues in choosing Country.
Gives employment and entry-level position consultancy and support.
Helps students during examination in choosing Country (student can simply contact Proactive Group if any help is required).