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Solar Atta Chakki


The most expensive part of the solar flour mill is the solar panel. With the solar panel, you make electricity to run your flour mill. There are several types of solar panels, mainly polycrystalline, mono crystalline, mono perc, bi-facial. We should keep in mind that while choosing solar panel technology, our solar panel should give us maximum power for 12 months of the year. So that we do not face any difficulty in running a mill and for this the choice of mono perk solar panel is a better and cheaper option. Which does not spend much and also provides electricity. By the way bi-facial solar panels can also be installed. bi-facial solar panels generate power from both sides while mono-facial solar panels generate electricity from only one side. But still I would advise all of you friends that you should install mono-facial mono perk solar panel only. Because on one hand these panels will not increase your budget much and on the other hand it is easy to install them. If we talk about bi-facial panel, then installing these panels is a long term advantage, but due to the higher initial cost, this option is out of consideration for most people.